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Your company’s toolkit for more affordable healthcare

Healia helps you build a first-class employee experience while reducing the cost of care for you and your employees.

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What Does Healia Do?

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We help your employees

Pick the right health plan

Picking the right plan is difficult and employees often get it wrong, which costs them (and you) a lot of money. We fix this by using real claims data to provide employees a recommendation in less than sixty seconds. We can even help employees compare your plans to their partner’s at another company.

We help you

Offer a unique health benefit

Sometimes, your plan isn’t the best option for dual income families with multiple choices. We work with you and their partner’s employer to provide a new option that pools risks and uses the savings to cover any out of pocket costs. This means better care for them and more savings for you.

We help you

Design smarter plans

Most companies think they have great health benefits. Few actually do. We use our benchmarking data to help you understand how you rank in terms of cost and quality, so you can make the needed changes to brag with confidence.

Healia's Impact

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Lowers costs for you and your employees

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Boosts recruitment
and retention

Sets your
company apart

Stress Free Savings

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We’re up and running in under a day

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We work with any insurance plan

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We keep our data safe and secure

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